AMSWAY SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. was established in April 2011. Since then, the company has become the leading consulting firm in the maritime industry.

For over 7 years, AMSWAY has been providing high quality maritime consulting services to clients in the form of Crew manning, chartering, ship chandelling, maritime training services with a focus on delivering best possible service with an aim to become the most trusted maritime consultant in the industry.

All of our consultants are knowledgeable in their respective fields and have years of experience behind them. This is why we are confident in saying that nobody can provide you with better value than we can. We provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service.

We specialize in crew manning, chartering, ship chandelling & maritime training services. Our business is built on a strategy that takes into account market trends and long-term plans that will shape the industry for years to come. At AMSWAY SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. we provide qualified consulting services to our clients with decades of experience that enable us to provide best service in industry. We are always available to help our clients out in Documentation, placements, Grievance.

Our team of experts offers a wide range of services, from documentation to placements and grievance support, as well as a full range of strategic services that allow us to read your mind even before you do!

AMSWAY SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. has access to seafarers from all over the world at any time – be it during cargo loading or unloading, ship repairing, ship building, off-shore operations or any other marine services.


To be the most preferred company in maritime industry for crew manning, chartering, ship chandelling & maritime training services.


To provide the best service to our Principals in their crewing needs, and assign the most qualified and quality crew.
To create strategic planning for our clients that will help their business for long term
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